Why do my nipples seem to be sitting low after my breast lift?

Cosmetic Question:  I had a breast lift. My nipples look as though they are too low on the breast. My surgeon says that it is fine, but I don’t like it. What can I do?

Cosmetic Answer:
This can happen, but it is also fixable.

You need to wait 6 months at least before having anything done. The breast will often settle with the nipple ending up in the perfect position. If not, the nipple can be shifted upward. This is a delicate procedure, but it can be done with local anesthesia with some oral sedation in a minor operating room. When done this way, it saves you time and money.

A new position is marked for the nipple and it is shifted upward during surgery. Your new scar will be red and it can take a year or more for these scars to fade.

Ask your surgeon six months after surgery if they think you are a good candidate. Review post-op photographs with him. Most surgeons will be happy to correct this for you, although there may be a small fee. We all want our patients looking the way they imagined!

A much harder problem is a nipple that lies too high – this is very difficult to fix. So to avoid it, experienced plastic surgeons will set a nipple on the low side, even if that means you will later need a lift.