“To Lift or Not To Lift”-Do You Need a Breast Lift With Your Implants

Many women have breasts that sag or get smaller, perhaps from pregnancy, breast feeding, weight loss or time. Saggy breasts need a breast lift. Smaller breasts need a breast implant. Small saggy breasts need both.

At times you can see yourself that you need a breast lift, e.g. if your breasts are sitting on your tummy. For breasts like these, you must have a lift and implants. Otherwise your breasts stay on the abdomen, the implants sit on the chest and your result looks very odd.

At other times it is obvious that you do not need a lift because your breasts are high on the chest and the nipple is a bit above the natural breast crease. All you need are breast implants.

Sometimes you cannot tell and you need your plastic surgeon to measure you and advise you. About a third of the time the conclusion is that you are “borderline for a lift.” You have to make the decision to have a lift or not and here is how.

  • If you really do not want a breast lift because of the cost or the scars, just have your breast implants. You may later change your mind. Fine! Have the breast lift then.
  • If you feel sure that you will look better with a lift and can afford it and do not mind the scars, then definitely have the breast lift done with the implants.
  • If you don’t want a lift but do not want to have to get a lift later for a good result and really want to get this right – here is what to do. Before the day of surgery and the day of surgery, ask your surgeon to put the breast implants in first and then sit you up on the OR table to see how they look. If your breast do not sag with the implants in, you do not need a lift. It is very important to ask because most surgeons perform the breast lift first.