Smelly Sweat Be-Gone!

The unpleasant smell of under arm sweat can be a huge annoyance. The odor comes from specialized sweat glands called Apocrine glands that lie deep under the skin, they can cause the kind of sweat that damages our cloths. It can get worse during the summer or when you engage in physical activities. When you start to notice your own body odor or notice large wet circles under your arms it may be too late to take preventative actions. This may lead to lower self-esteem and deter you from participating in activities you know cause you to sweat.

Until recently the only answer to this problem was surgery to cut out all of the under- arm skin. An option that is unappealing even to the worst sufferers. Then along came Botox, an option that works effectively but has limited effects, that lasts only three months. At $1500-$2000 per treatment it’s not affordable for regular treatments.

Fortunately, there is as much better option available now and it’s known as Radio Frequency (RF)! This radio wave generates heat which can be precisely measured and safely applied by a special probe under the skin to zap the sweat glands that are especially vulnerable to heating. The heat is applied at 70 degrees exactly, lower than the heat level needed to damage a nearby nerve so it is safe.

This treatment takes place in the office and lasts for about an hour. A combination of light laughing gas and local anesthesia make the procedure pain free. After the procedure you may have a few uncomfortable nights but the recovery is manageable with Advil and Tylenol. Pain sensitivity varies and we can provide you with some stronger pain medication if needed.

Within a week sweat glands stop working and you are able to enjoy activities and events sweat and anxiety free! Like almost all office laser and RF procedures, it is long lasting, but that doesn’t guarantee permanence. Three years is the expected duration and is a far better investment than the three months you get from Botox.