Cosmetic Procedures for Men

Men are increasingly interested in cosmetic plastic surgery and treatments. There are differences between how these work for men compared to women. Here are some procedures popular with our male patients and what makes them different.

  • Botox – Very popular and effective in softening deep facial grooves that men’s strong muscles etch in their faces. Because muscles are stronger, more Botox is needed but with the right Botox dose, results are excellent.
  • Filler –Done to create facial definition and fill in lines. Wider jaws, stronger chins and higher cheek bones are popular male looks. Men are more precise in the placement of their filler and don’t want to look over-filled. Often my male patients will watch in a mirror while I inject their filler so we can work together to get it exactly as they want it. .
  • Body implants- Implants to enlarge the calves and chest are popular with men who have muscles here that won’t enlarge with exercise. Here men’s strong muscles help conceal the implants better and make healing very fast.
  • Liposuction- Men often have fat on the flanks (sides) even when the rest of the torso is slim. And some men have deposits on the chest (gynecomastia). Liposuction here is very effective and results excellent. But on the abdomen, men often have less fat under the skin than they think. Liposuction here can be disappointing.
  • Body lifting after major weight loss- Because they have less fat under the torso skin, when men lose a lot of weight, they usually lose it evenly, so body lifts restore their shape with better definition than is possible for many women.
  • Face lifts- Men are more likely to bleed after a face lift because of their larger blood vessels. But this also has the benefit of making men heal very quickly with fewer irregularities from swelling than women.

Men want to look their best, just as women do.